Raleigh, NC

Karlene “Honey” Turrentine

Warren County Attorney

As the principal attorney of Turrentine Law Firm, PLLC, Karlene is committed to building community through personal service, corporate responsibility and government caring.  She has spent years assisting community nonprofits in getting established, funded, and staffed to enhance the communities they serve and at the same time lessen the burden on government to provide those same services.  In addition, she continues to serve several governmental agencies, while consulting with businesses all over the region on issues of fiscal growth, community development, community education, public relations, minimizing risk, and liability protection.  Karlene is passionate about resolving disputes in a manner amenable to preserving relationships, whenever possible.  Nevertheless, as a lawyer, she is diligent and tenacious in representing her clients.

Licensed to practice law in North Carolina in 1998, Karlene S. Turrentine began her legal career as interim Director of the Land Loss Prevention Project (“LLPP”) in Durham, a non-profit law firm which is the State’s leader in protecting famers’ rights, a champion of reform for heir property issues, a catalyst for change in the area of state fair housing law, an innovator in the creative use of civil rights laws to eviscerate public and private discrimination, and a pacesetter for alternative financing that fosters community economic development and investment.  In that position, Karlene successfully represented clients in each area of law practiced by the firm.  Before leaving LLPP, Karlene trained attorneys throughout the State in how to represent North Carolina family farmers in the class action against the US Dept. of Agriculture.  In 1999, she left that position to accept a clerkship with the Honorable Robert C. “Mountain Bob” Hunter of the NC Court of Appeals.  In July 2001, she began her own firm and in August 2009, Karlene was chosen unanimously by the Warren County Board of Commissioners to be Warren County’s Attorney.

In addition to her work as an attorney, Karlene is a 3rd generation missionary (on both sides of her family).  As such, her heart is solidly based in missions work whether near or far.  She has been part of several missions trips to Israel, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Ghana, West Africa and; to that end here at home, Karlene is very active in her community, offering her time as a volunteer and contributing free legal services and consulting to several churches and nonprofit organizations, including Pregnancy Support Services of Durham and Chapel Hill, Family Health Ministries of Durham, The Encouraging Place of Raleigh, Warren County Free Clinic, and the Chatham County Fair.

Karlene is the happy wife of Andre L. Turrentine (of Chatham County), mother of three grownup children and one new surprise, and “Honey” to her first grandchild.  Karlene is also an accomplished author having published her first book in 2004, A Safe Place.  She lives with her family in Wake Forest.

"The eternal God is your refuge, and His everlasting arms are under you. He drives out the enemy before you; He cries out, 'Destroy them!' -Deut. 33:27"

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